Pesto and Polenta Eggs

Hey everyone!

How was your weekend? Mine was good. Mostly filled with car shopping which I hate! I unfortunately still do not have one because no one wanted to make a deal! I told Brian it must be because they are expecting to sell a lot of cars this weekend for Black Friday (Actually they should just call it Black Week at this point).

We decided to put it off until January because we are not in a rush and now know exactly what we want. The next few weeks are busy so we aren’t going to drive ourselves crazy anymore (holiday craziness is enough right now!)

Soooooo I have an awesome breakfast combo I want to share with you. I call it a combo not a recipe because you can have as much of each ingredient as your little heart desires. ?

I came up with this after I saw some kind of casserole that had polenta and eggs together last year. I then started making polenta with cheese & eggs. Then I had pesto left over from dinner and I was planning on having this breakfast the next morning so I added some to it. I tasted it and said omg this is freakin amazing!!!! Polenta is so good – I feel like it doesn’t get enough love in general. It’s so tasty and filling. Pesto is one of the best all around sauce’s in my opinion. It makes chicken, pasta, zoodles and eggs taste awesome!  You must try this tasty, healthy, diabetic friendly and low carb breakfast!

Pesto and Polenta Eggs

This is what I used:
2 servings of Polenta (I use Trader Joe’s organic Polenta) /// 120cals/28carbs
3 Egg Whites /// 75cals
1 Slice Mozzarella /// 100cals
1 TBSP Fresh Pesto (I use Trader Joe’s) /// 120cals/1carb
2 Applegate Farms Turkey Sausage /// 65cals
Total: 480cals/29carbs
PS – I eat everything mixed together, I kept everything separate because the picture looked nicer lol ?

Enjoy ?

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