Easy Thai Food Dinner

Hey, hey! Glad its Friday??? I am!

Today started out OK – to be honest my blood sugar was high this morning. I went to bed at 9:30 and woke up at 10:30 shaking. I cannot think of why which is so annoying. I ate a banana and of course I had to add peanut butter because middle of the night lows = no inhibitions. So I woke up mad that I ate too much, full and high.

I got my sorry butt out of bed and did this workout. I don’t have much time in the mornings these days so I love these fast 20 minute workouts.

Next up was breakfast:

Today I had my low carb Mediterranean omelet. The only thing missing was spinach – I was totally out. My favorite part was the bagel flat with BUTTER. Usually I go with cream cheese but I had a major craving for it.

I am so excited to tell you about last nights easy Thai food dinner. It’s so awesome – I am definitely going to make it again next week.

I cooked the chicken in coconut oil. Then I tossed it with cooked green beans, curry sauce and cilantro. On the side was the scallion pancake (I can’t begin to tell you how much I love the scallion pancake). I also used the curry as a dipping sauce for the pancake. So good, so easy and so fast. This was a winner – thank you Trader Joe’s!

Meal totals:
Chicken (120) /// Beans (25cals, 6carbs) /// Curry Sauce (80cals, 7carbs) /// Scallion Pancake (160cals, 21carbs)
400cals/34carbs (I added in some extra cals to account for the coconut oil I cooked with)

Cant wait to start the weekend!! Any plans? Its still around 80 degrees here in NY so I will be on the boat!

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September A1C

Hey everyone!

Yesterday started out with this workout. It was a great, short arm workout and I certainly recommend it. I repeated this circuit 3 times. (btw the Peanut Butter Fingers blog is great, one of my favorites to read)

Later in the day I had my doctors appointment and I was nervous to get my A1C results. The past few months for me have been challenging food and blood sugar wise to say the least. I thought my A1C was going to be a lot higher than it has been in the past few years. I have gotten back on track over the last month but I still had those other 2 months before that where I felt like a ping pong ball.

Now trust me I know that even though this number is good it doesn’t mean my sugars were good because when you have a bunch of highs and lows it will average somewhere in between. I even told my doctor that was probably the case (I’m so honest! lol). Also, the most recent readings have more weight in your A1C and since those were good it made the A1C number better. With all that being said – I will still take this number ?

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Water Love

You can go weeks without food but only 5-7 days without water.  When the water in your body is reduced by just 1 percent, you become thirsty.  At 5 percent, muscle strength and endurance declines significantly and you become hot and tired.  When the loss reaches 10 percent, delirium and blurred vision occur.  A 20 percent reduction results in death.

Source: http://people.chem.duke.edu/~jds/cruise_chem/water/watdiet.html

Wow – and that’s just the beginning.

When I started to get over my disordered eating a few years ago the first thing I got was energy! It felt so good. No more adrenal fatigue and no more feeling like I was going to fall asleep at my desk every day. However, as time went on I noticed I still had days where I just felt terrible – lethargic and like I was completely fatigued.

I wracked my brain – I couldn’t figure it out. I ate healthy (or at least what I thought was healthy at the time). The crazy part is that I didn’t know when it was going to happen – no warning signs – nada.

I remember one Sunday in particular. I worked out, ate healthy things and I decided to make dinner for Brian and his brother. I made some kind of low fat enchilada thing which used a lot of canned ingredient’s (like I said, what I thought was healthy at the time).

After I ate – I couldn’t even stay up to watch Walking Dead – I was sleeping by 8:45pm. Monday – I felt like CRAP! I was so mad. Back to the drawing board! What did I do different that Sunday??? I finally realized I didn’t drink any water. I had a little but it probably added up to a couple of cups. Plus I ate a meal of canned food – why hello there sodium!

Was it really that simple? I decided to do a test – every single day including weekends I drank 8 glasses of water. Guess what stopped? That’s right I stopped getting that feeling immediately. I am so sensitive that I realized on Monday I would still feel a tiny bit lethargic so I started drinking 10-12 glasses over the weekend since I move a lot more. The feeling on Monday disappeared all together.

That my friends is the power of water.

Have an awesomely fantastic night!

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