September A1C

Hey everyone!

Yesterday started out with this workout. It was a great, short arm workout and I certainly recommend it. I repeated this circuit 3 times. (btw the Peanut Butter Fingers blog is great, one of my favorites to read)

Later in the day I had my doctors appointment and I was nervous to get my A1C results. The past few months for me have been challenging food and blood sugar wise to say the least. I thought my A1C was going to be a lot higher than it has been in the past few years. I have gotten back on track over the last month but I still had those other 2 months before that where I felt like a ping pong ball.

Now trust me I know that even though this number is good it doesn’t mean my sugars were good because when you have a bunch of highs and lows it will average somewhere in between. I even told my doctor that was probably the case (I’m so honest! lol). Also, the most recent readings have more weight in your A1C and since those were good it made the A1C number better. With all that being said – I will still take this number ?

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