Yesterday was great!

OK well this was not fun but the rest was ?

I started the day with a trip to the lab to get blood taken for my next doctors appointment. I am actually pretty nervous about this one because I got married in July (woo hoo) then went on my honeymoon for 2 weeks. Lets just say things were crazy during this time and my blood sugars certainly reflected it.

After I was done having blood taken I drank my shake. I am used to eating breakfast around 7am so I was starving by the time I was done! I made a tiramisu protein shake which included this: Vanilla Protein /// 1 cup coffee /// 2TBSP Mascarpone cheese (120cals, 0carbs) /// 1/2tsp Rum extract /// 1/2tsp cinnamon /// Hemp seeds (25cals, 0carb) /// Bee pollen /// Heavy cream (50cals, 0carbs) and a blob of PB on the side.

Lunch – Avocado love <3 need I say more?

Brian and I are finally putting together a grown up bed! Meaning no more 10 year old queen sized mattress and target sheets lo.l We got a kind sized bed, a pillow top, high end sheets and comforter. For the mattress we decided to try Leesa – Its one of those new online brands that people rave about. You can’t try before you buy but according to reviews they are more comfortable than the ones in the store that cost thousands. They come in a tiny box and when you open it they expand. I can’t believe how small the box actually is – look at Robert Moses next to it! I am so excited to use it ? ?

Take a look at my outfit – I am wearing bell bottoms for the first time in YEARS and I love them! I got mine from Express. They run long but I still had to order them online in a long length.

Off to Volleyball – last game of the season

I had a Grey goose and club soda with a lime – my go-to low carb cocktail.

The only damper was a low blood sugar in the middle of the night which made me eat half a banana with about 8 HUGE spoonfuls of peanut butter. I hate middle of the night lows – they make me crazy ?

Other than that yesterday was great!

Have an awesomely fantastic day!

September A1C

Hey everyone!

Yesterday started out with this workout. It was a great, short arm workout and I certainly recommend it. I repeated this circuit 3 times. (btw the Peanut Butter Fingers blog is great, one of my favorites to read)

Later in the day I had my doctors appointment and I was nervous to get my A1C results. The past few months for me have been challenging food and blood sugar wise to say the least. I thought my A1C was going to be a lot higher than it has been in the past few years. I have gotten back on track over the last month but I still had those other 2 months before that where I felt like a ping pong ball.

Now trust me I know that even though this number is good it doesn’t mean my sugars were good because when you have a bunch of highs and lows it will average somewhere in between. I even told my doctor that was probably the case (I’m so honest! lol). Also, the most recent readings have more weight in your A1C and since those were good it made the A1C number better. With all that being said – I will still take this number ?

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