Healthy Mexican Sweet Potato

I am so excited share my Mexican Sweet Potato recipe with you! This is definitely one of my all time favorite lunches (its a good dinner too!). It is so full of flavor, colors and awesomeness. It has just enough of every ingredient so you don’t feel like you are missing out while keeping it low carb. Every time I eat this I make a mental note that I must make it again really soon! ? As with all my meals it is also healthy, diabetic friendly and insanely easy to make! Try it and if you do let me know what you think!

Healthy Mexican Sweet Potato

115g Cooked Sweet Potato /// 105cals/25carbs
Chicken (I used Trader Joe’s Grilled Chicken strips) /// 110cals
2 TBSP Salsa (I used Trader Joe’s Salsa Verde) /// 10cals/1carb
1oz Shredded Cheddar Cheese /// 110cals
1oz Avocado /// 45cals/4carbs
1 serving Sour Cream /// 50cals
Corn (I used 1/4 serving of Trader Joe’s fire roasted corn) /// 25cals/5carbs
Meal Total: 455cals/35carbs

I started meal prepping in advance so I can sleep a little later in the morning! I am very excited about this.


I had some grapes on the side as well which is why they are in the photos – I love the color they added ?

Any plans for the weekend? I will be upstate — in fact I leave in a little while. Enjoy!

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Blood on my sheets


This morning I got SO ANNOYED – why? Because of this:

My Brand new sheets on my brand new bed had to get a blood stain. I hate blood on my sheets and it always happens! This is a T1D problem that really annoys me! Stupid needles. ? For a while I would get dark sheets and comforters (eggplant purple was my personal favorite) but I just love a beautiful off-white comforter. So I said screw it and went for it. I got this gold/beige color sheets thinking ok these aren’t too light, if blood gets on it you may not notice. Well I noticed lol. I immediately put Oxy stain stick on it and threw it in the wash. I will see later if its gone.

After my sheet debacle I did this workout:

For breakfast I made this recipe from Pintrest with some slight variations (less butter, extra bacon, no parsley) and served it with half a tortilla. Not too bad, not too bad ?

I am loving my lunch this week – I saw that organic carrot, coconut & ginger soup and HAD to buy it. Then I got a random egg salad craving and thought it would be perfect to have with the soup. I served it on a Mikey’s muffin and had some snap peas on the side. I love having something sweet with my lunch and Ghirardelli squares always hit the spot.

Even though I’m not a big “pop” music fan I am really liking this song:

I am super excited to try my new tea’s from DAVIDsTEA. I got my all time favorite flavor: Quangzhou Milk Oolong and tried a new flavor: Spiced Pumpkin

How is your week going? Do you hate blood stains as much as I do?

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