A Fun Breakfast Recipe


So I made a fun breakfast recipe on Sunday that I want to share with you. Its healthy, easy and low carb!

It’s actually a healified replica of a breakfast I had in Hawaii.
I loved it and knew I was going to make it at home. The ingredient that makes this dish so awesome is the dinner sausage. It is a total game changer & gives a different breakfast taste dynamic.

The second ingredient that changes the dynamic is rice. In Hawaii they eat rice with everything including breakfast. I LOVED the taste of the dinner sausage and rice with the eggs. Even though I didn’t use a lot of rice (look at those mounds in the picture – good thing I was on vacation!) in this recipe – it still worked. You can also try cauliflower rice for an even lower carb option but I like to keep my breakfast over 20carbs.

1 Chicken apple sausage (I used Trader Joe’s) (120cals/7carbs)
1/2oz. Shredded Mozzerella (50cals)
1oz Avocado (45cals/4carbs)
1oz White onions (11cals/3carbs)
3 Egg Whites (75cals)
1/4 Cups White rice (50cals/10carbs)
I cooked the sausage + onions in one pan and the egg whites + cheese in another pan. Then I threw everything on the white rice.
Meal Total: 351cals/24carbs

Me and my husband both loved this. I will definitely make it again!

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Easy Peasy Sausage + Veggies Recipe

As promised in last weeks WIAW post, here is is my Easy Peasy Sausage + Veggies Recipe using Trader Joe’s Garlic Chicken Sausage.

STEP 1//
1 Package Trader Joe’s Garlic Chicken Sausage
1 Package Trader Joe’s Asparagus Saute
1 Package Trader Giotto’s Porcini Mushroom Truffle Triangoli
First I sliced and cooked the Sausage on a pan. Then I cooked up the veggies & boiled the raviolis.

Step 2 //
I added veggies, sausage and 2 raviolis to my dish. Brian got the rest. I topped both with garlic, a drizzle of evoo, pignolia nuts and Romano cheese.

My meal total: 485cals, 27carbs
Sausage // 220cals, 6carbs
Pasta // 85cals, 10carbs
Vegetables // 50cals, 10carbs
Pignolia nuts // 50cals, 1carb
Olive Oil // 60cals
Romano Cheese // 20cals

So easy and delicious!
Enjoy this awesomely fantastic meal!

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