Easy Peasy Sausage + Veggies Recipe

As promised in last weeks WIAW post, here is is my Easy Peasy Sausage + Veggies Recipe using Trader Joe’s Garlic Chicken Sausage.

STEP 1//
1 Package Trader Joe’s Garlic Chicken Sausage
1 Package Trader Joe’s Asparagus Saute
1 Package Trader Giotto’s Porcini Mushroom Truffle Triangoli
First I sliced and cooked the Sausage on a pan. Then I cooked up the veggies & boiled the raviolis.

Step 2 //
I added veggies, sausage and 2 raviolis to my dish. Brian got the rest. I topped both with garlic, a drizzle of evoo, pignolia nuts and Romano cheese.

My meal total: 485cals, 27carbs
Sausage // 220cals, 6carbs
Pasta // 85cals, 10carbs
Vegetables // 50cals, 10carbs
Pignolia nuts // 50cals, 1carb
Olive Oil // 60cals
Romano Cheese // 20cals

So easy and delicious!
Enjoy this awesomely fantastic meal!

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Hello Zucchini

Enter one of my absolute favorite veggies – ZUCCHINI!!! (applause in head)

Zucchini rounds my ultimate veggie trifecta — what is my veggie trifecta? Eggplant, squash and ZUCCHINI!

As you can imagine I was super excited  when I came across this article —– Hello zucchini bread smoothie and 15-Minute Zucchini Beef Skillet.

Skimming through them – I can say many are low carb since they use zucchini in place of other ingredients such as pasta. Others can easily be made low carb such as the zucchini bread smoothie I mentioned above. I will let you know when I try one!

xxoo Eva