Monday night tex mex dinner

Tonight I was in the mood for a little tex mex!

Chicken 5oz = 165cal, 1carb
Broccoli 5oz = 45cal, 7carb
Butter .5oz = 50cal, 0 carb
Tomato 123grams = 25cals, 5carb
Tex Mex Mixture 1/7 of mixture = 104cals, 15carb
TOTAL: 389cals, 28carbs

Dinner was more carbs than I wanted but I added in that tomato last minute. Its fresh from the garden and they are my absolute favorite! They are the only veggie that to me, may as well have a different name when picked fresh from the garden because it tastes NOTHING like the ones in the store.

I seasoned the chicken with low sodium taco seasoning which is why it has 1 carb.

My “Tex-Mex Mix” is a can of fire roasted tomato’s, a can of black beans, a can of sliced black olives and white onion. I put it in a pot and simmered it so the flavors blended together while I cooked the chicken. I topped it with fresh cilantro.

Brian’s was a bit more exciting…

I added fire roasted corn and green chiles to his.

I had a bunch of the tex-mex mixture left over so I saved it for Brian’s lunch the next day! ?