No BS Blood Sugar Friday – 09.11

I call this “No BS Blood Sugar Friday” because these are my exact blood sugars from the day before. The highs, the lows, the good and the bad with no bullsh!t! No going up, down or making up a number to make myself seem like a perfect T1D.

I am very happy with my numbers, I thought they were going to be higher because I didn’t work out in the am. I did have a slip at night because I had a couple of spoonfuls of my mothers ziti after work. I was picking some up for Brian and couldn’t resist! Anyway, I gave myself an extra unit but it wasn’t enough ? — then to top things off I wound up going low in the middle of the night. Thursday nights have been no good to me.

6:15am – 118
7:30am – 97
11:00am – 123
2pm – 116
4:30pm – 80
7:00pm – 132
9:00pm – 185

Have an awesomely fantastic Friday!

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