Swiss Chard!

My meal last night was awesome!

Steak, Swiss Chard and Portobello mushroom fries. When I saw the Portobello fries at Trader Joe’s I had to try them!

My meal measurements:

Steak – 5oz = 200 cals, 0 carbs

Mushroom Fries – 1 Serving = 100 cals, 6 carbs

Swiss Chard – 6oz (cooked) = 36 cals, 6 carbs

Olive Oil – ½ TBSP = 60 cals, 0 carbs

The star of the show:

Just looking at the swiss chard made me happy – the vibrant colors are amazing! Thinking about my body being nourished with this made me feel fantastic! I seasoned the chard with the olive oil, Himalayan salt, ginger and fresh garlic.

My meal totaled 12 carbs so I had a few chocolate chips afterwords to satisfy my sweet tooth with added another 5 carbs.
Have an awesomely fantastic Saturday!