Good Morning Blood Sugar

Hey Guys!

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my awesome A.M. start. It wasn’t awesome because I had a good blood sugar, it was awesome because I was so surprised it was good!

I had a busy night last night and gave myself too much insulin with dinner. I kind of screwed myself because I didn’t finish the carbs in my meal knowing I ran around a lot. First 75 – ate a Quest bar as my snack. Then 61 – ate a gram cracker. Finally 54 – uggghhh I ate a banana. I didn’t think it would go that low! I knew as I fell asleep I ate more than I wanted to and immediately thought: 220 as I woke up. I always seem to be around there after a late night low. So I was super happy I had a good morning blood sugar!

I am writing this post to also say hi! Please bear with me as my posts have become more scarce. This is because I work in retail as a graphic designer — could you even imagine how much cyber sale, black Friday sale, holiday sale etc. etc. etc. stuff I have been making? Plus holiday craziness? On top of this I am finally writing my wedding thank yous (I am majorly behind on this). So it’s been tough but this is definitely temporary.

I want to leave you with 2 random things I have been loving lately:

This song from Pentatonix – I am so hooked plus I zone out when I watch the video.

I am so not a dry shampoo kind of girl. I have tried it many times and finally just accepted that I like washing my hair everyday – I don’t care what anyone says. The other day I was SO LATE for work which never happens because I keep a tight schedule. I had a sample size of this from my Birch Box laying around. I sprayed a bunch then went over my hair with a brush + hair dryer to smooth it. I loved it! Guess what? I tried it again yesterday after a sweaty workout and it worked just as good. My hair looked the same as when I wash it. If you like dry shampoo definitely try this!

I hope you all are doing good and are having great blood sugars!

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Blood on my sheets


This morning I got SO ANNOYED – why? Because of this:

My Brand new sheets on my brand new bed had to get a blood stain. I hate blood on my sheets and it always happens! This is a T1D problem that really annoys me! Stupid needles. ? For a while I would get dark sheets and comforters (eggplant purple was my personal favorite) but I just love a beautiful off-white comforter. So I said screw it and went for it. I got this gold/beige color sheets thinking ok these aren’t too light, if blood gets on it you may not notice. Well I noticed lol. I immediately put Oxy stain stick on it and threw it in the wash. I will see later if its gone.

After my sheet debacle I did this workout:

For breakfast I made this recipe from Pintrest with some slight variations (less butter, extra bacon, no parsley) and served it with half a tortilla. Not too bad, not too bad ?

I am loving my lunch this week – I saw that organic carrot, coconut & ginger soup and HAD to buy it. Then I got a random egg salad craving and thought it would be perfect to have with the soup. I served it on a Mikey’s muffin and had some snap peas on the side. I love having something sweet with my lunch and Ghirardelli squares always hit the spot.

Even though I’m not a big “pop” music fan I am really liking this song:

I am super excited to try my new tea’s from DAVIDsTEA. I got my all time favorite flavor: Quangzhou Milk Oolong and tried a new flavor: Spiced Pumpkin

How is your week going? Do you hate blood stains as much as I do?

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