WIAW – What I ate Wednesday 09.23

WIAW – What I ate Wednesday 09.23

Why hello! Happy Friday Eve! Like I said yesterday these past couple of weeks have been crazy! Last night Brian and I had appointments for our yearly physical. I always feel like it’s a waste for me get a one since my endo checks everything. On the other hand I need a doctor close by to run to in case I come down with the flu or strep throat or some kind of flesh eating zombie virus. So I “show face” at the general doctor once a year. Plus I am with Brian so its not too horrible lol.

Today I woke up with a 164 blood sugar. If you follow me on Instagram I mentioned that I am trying to get my morning numbers on point by eating more consistent at night (no extra picking, eating same amount of carbs/cals). Well last night I didn’t get home from the doctor until 8pm and I was STARVING!! I scarfed down my salad from Panera and then ate my Hail Merry Miract Tart so needless to say I haven’t been very consistent (frown). Anyway, after I woke up I gave myself some insulin and did the “upper fix” workout from the Beachbody 21 Day Fix. Then my blood sugar was 75 and I was feeling good!

Here are some eats:

I never get sick of a breakfast like this. Its so basic but so good ?
Everything bagel flat /// Plenty of Temp Tee cream cheese /// Grapes /// 2 Eggs over easy with melted Swiss cheese.

My first snack was: Organic Apple Slices /// Cheddar cheese /// Sunflower seeds

My “Lunch of the week” is: Turkey /// Spinach /// Broccoli Slaw /// Brussels spouts /// Mozzarella /// Pignoli nuts /// Avocado /// Evoo /// Strawberries (not pictured) // Chocolate square (not pictured)

My second snack was this favorite combo of mine (recycled picture): Yogurt /// Pumpkin seeds /// Unsweetened coconut /// Walnuts

Dinner: Panera Ancient Grain, Arugula & Chicken Salad (I scarfed this and my snack down so fast. As soon as I was done I realized I forgot to take a pic). I guess you have to look at the professional shots ?

Night time snack: Half a Hail Merry Miracle Tart (I LOVE AND AM OBSESSED WITH THESE!!!)

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