WIAW – What I ate Wednesday 10.07

WIAW – What I ate Wednesday 10.07

Hey! I hope your week is going swimmingly! I know that doesn’t even sound like a real word but it is!
I am officially in “fall mode” with all my meals and cooking. Even though today it is about 70 degrees out. It is absolutely gorgeous! Its so nice to have this kind of weather in October. I started out yesterday with a LISS run. LISS is the fancy term for Low Intensity Steady State. I ran for 40 minutes but kept it to more of a run/jog. I started this new workout program that I am loving right now but I want to do it for a few weeks before I write about it.

I started out yesterday with one of my favorite breakfasts of all time: the WAFFLEWICH!
2 Vans Multi-Grain Waffles /// 3 Egg Whites /// 1 Big Slice of Provolone Cheese /// 2 Applegate Farms Organic Turkey Sausages. I love this sandwich – it never gets old for me.

My first snack is my new favorite – I eat it at least 3 times a week. Ricotta /// Unsweetened Coconut Shreds /// Cacao Nibs /// Walnuts //// Grapes

For my lunch this week, I was in the mood for a huge fall salad. This one included: Spinach /// Broccoli Slaw /// Walnuts /// Pumpkin Seeds /// Apples /// grapes /// Shredded Cheddar /// Avocado /// Trader Joe’s Grilled Chicken

My Second snack was a simple one: Blueberries /// Macadamias /// Mozzarella

Dinner was so good I can’t even tell you! Actually i can tell you but I am going to wait until next week.

My dessert was one Wasa Crisp’n Light /// Peanut Butter /// Dang Coconut Chips

I hope you had as many good things to eat as I did yesterday ?

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WIAW – What I ate Wednesday 09.23

WIAW – What I ate Wednesday 09.23

Why hello! Happy Friday Eve! Like I said yesterday these past couple of weeks have been crazy! Last night Brian and I had appointments for our yearly physical. I always feel like it’s a waste for me get a one since my endo checks everything. On the other hand I need a doctor close by to run to in case I come down with the flu or strep throat or some kind of flesh eating zombie virus. So I “show face” at the general doctor once a year. Plus I am with Brian so its not too horrible lol.

Today I woke up with a 164 blood sugar. If you follow me on Instagram I mentioned that I am trying to get my morning numbers on point by eating more consistent at night (no extra picking, eating same amount of carbs/cals). Well last night I didn’t get home from the doctor until 8pm and I was STARVING!! I scarfed down my salad from Panera and then ate my Hail Merry Miract Tart so needless to say I haven’t been very consistent (frown). Anyway, after I woke up I gave myself some insulin and did the “upper fix” workout from the Beachbody 21 Day Fix. Then my blood sugar was 75 and I was feeling good!

Here are some eats:

I never get sick of a breakfast like this. Its so basic but so good ?
Everything bagel flat /// Plenty of Temp Tee cream cheese /// Grapes /// 2 Eggs over easy with melted Swiss cheese.

My first snack was: Organic Apple Slices /// Cheddar cheese /// Sunflower seeds

My “Lunch of the week” is: Turkey /// Spinach /// Broccoli Slaw /// Brussels spouts /// Mozzarella /// Pignoli nuts /// Avocado /// Evoo /// Strawberries (not pictured) // Chocolate square (not pictured)

My second snack was this favorite combo of mine (recycled picture): Yogurt /// Pumpkin seeds /// Unsweetened coconut /// Walnuts

Dinner: Panera Ancient Grain, Arugula & Chicken Salad (I scarfed this and my snack down so fast. As soon as I was done I realized I forgot to take a pic). I guess you have to look at the professional shots ?

Night time snack: Half a Hail Merry Miracle Tart (I LOVE AND AM OBSESSED WITH THESE!!!)

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