Good Morning Blood Sugar

Hey Guys!

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my awesome A.M. start. It wasn’t awesome because I had a good blood sugar, it was awesome because I was so surprised it was good!

I had a busy night last night and gave myself too much insulin with dinner. I kind of screwed myself because I didn’t finish the carbs in my meal knowing I ran around a lot. First 75 – ate a Quest bar as my snack. Then 61 – ate a gram cracker. Finally 54 – uggghhh I ate a banana. I didn’t think it would go that low! I knew as I fell asleep I ate more than I wanted to and immediately thought: 220 as I woke up. I always seem to be around there after a late night low. So I was super happy I had a good morning blood sugar!

I am writing this post to also say hi! Please bear with me as my posts have become more scarce. This is because I work in retail as a graphic designer — could you even imagine how much cyber sale, black Friday sale, holiday sale etc. etc. etc. stuff I have been making? Plus holiday craziness? On top of this I am finally writing my wedding thank yous (I am majorly behind on this). So it’s been tough but this is definitely temporary.

I want to leave you with 2 random things I have been loving lately:

This song from Pentatonix – I am so hooked plus I zone out when I watch the video.

I am so not a dry shampoo kind of girl. I have tried it many times and finally just accepted that I like washing my hair everyday – I don’t care what anyone says. The other day I was SO LATE for work which never happens because I keep a tight schedule. I had a sample size of this from my Birch Box laying around. I sprayed a bunch then went over my hair with a brush + hair dryer to smooth it. I loved it! Guess what? I tried it again yesterday after a sweaty workout and it worked just as good. My hair looked the same as when I wash it. If you like dry shampoo definitely try this!

I hope you all are doing good and are having great blood sugars!

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No BS Blood Sugar Friday – 10.02

I call this “No BS Blood Sugar Friday” because these are my exact blood sugars from the day before. The highs, the lows, the good and the bad with no bullsh!t! No going up, down or making up a number to make myself seem like a perfect T1D.

Yesterday I definitely ran low. Lately In the mornings I always kind of have a catch 22 because if I don’t give myself one unit of Humulog my blood sugar goes as high as 190 1.5 hours later. If I do give myself one unit of Humulog it runs as low as 60 (like it did yesterday) I always choose to go with the lower blood sugar. At night it was low because I shopped and then got home and tried on a BUNCH of clothes. We all know that can take a lot (of sugar) out of you! lol

One thing I have to say is low blood sugars don’t bother me as long as they are not below 60, as you can see I was right on the edge. I find that in the 50’s is when I start to get very shaky and have trouble functioning. From 60-80 I definitely feel it but I can kind of ignore it. I guess I try so hard not to go high that when it runs low I am internally a little happy. I am not even sure how low blood sugars effect the body long term because in general people are so hyper-focused on high blood sugar complications.I am going to ask my endocrinologist next time I go.

So here they are:

5:30am – 103
7:00am – 61
11:00am – 107
2pm – 69
4:30pm – 75
7:00pm – 111
9:30pm – 61

Have an awesome Friday and weekend! Its raining here in NY so I plan on watching movies and TV. I love a weekend like this every once in a while!

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A Great Test Meter

Hey everyone!

Have a good weekend? I did ? On Saturday Brian and I set up our new bed, ran some errands then stayed in because it was a rainy night – perfect for a movie!

After much research, we decided on a Leesa Mattress. It was between that + Casper but when I read the reviews – Leesa sounded like a better fit. It comes in a small box and expands when you open it – it’s insane! Have you heard about these new online companies that make inexpensive mattresses that are supposed to be better than the expensive ones at the store? You can’t try them before you buy them but they have great reviews and you get to sleep on it for 100 nights before making your decision.

Our new bed setup includes: Leesa king sized mattress, box spring, Charter Club sheets from Macy’s, Phoenix Down pillows + comforter, Pacific Coast feather bed and a duvet cover from Pottery Barn. Everything is soooo comfy! We get our headboard and frame this weekend – I cant wait!

I got my Birch Box shipment. This is such a good diabetic present. You get a “treat” every month to indulge in that doesn’t raise your blood sugar! P.S. They make them for men too ?

Sunday started with a great breakfast: 3 Egg whites, 2 Applegate farms organic turkey sausage links and a bunch of avocado on a Mikey’s Muffin.

After that we went to the Cheescake factory for my Dad and little brothers birthdays. I got the Skinnylicious chopped salad. I was SO disappointed – I didn’t even take  a picture because it was just a bowl of lettuce. I got it once before and it was awesome – so much “stuff” in it – so satisfying… what happened Cheescake factory?

Finally if you are looking for a test meter I will save you the research. Buy this one:

It is a great test meter. It takes a tiny blood sample and shows the result in 5 seconds. It does not feel cheap at all and the best part? 100 Strips are only $35. Everything is at Wallmart or on I have had so many issues with getting test strips in the past. I test 8 times a day (I do not use a pump) and apparently this is not the norm. I was even told by a doctor that I should not need to test more than 4 times a day. He wouldn’t write me a script for more than that! Can you believe that? I still can’t. Anyway, I get a shipment of one touch test strips every 3 months and sometimes I run out before the next shipment. Thankfully it is convenient and affordable for me to get these strips because One Touch strips are SO EXPENSIVE!

Have an awesomely fantastic week!

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No BS Blood Sugar Friday – 09.11

I call this “No BS Blood Sugar Friday” because these are my exact blood sugars from the day before. The highs, the lows, the good and the bad with no bullsh!t! No going up, down or making up a number to make myself seem like a perfect T1D.

I am very happy with my numbers, I thought they were going to be higher because I didn’t work out in the am. I did have a slip at night because I had a couple of spoonfuls of my mothers ziti after work. I was picking some up for Brian and couldn’t resist! Anyway, I gave myself an extra unit but it wasn’t enough ? — then to top things off I wound up going low in the middle of the night. Thursday nights have been no good to me.

6:15am – 118
7:30am – 97
11:00am – 123
2pm – 116
4:30pm – 80
7:00pm – 132
9:00pm – 185

Have an awesomely fantastic Friday!

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No BS Blood Sugar Friday – 09.04

I call this “No BS Blood Sugar Friday” because these are my exact blood sugars from the day before. The highs, the lows, the good and the bad with no bullsh!t! No going up, down or making up a number to make myself seem like a perfect T1D.

Without further adieu here are yesterdays blood sugar numbers
5:30am – 135
8:30am – 107
11:30am – 151
2pm – 112
4:30pm – 78
7:00pm – 95
10:00pm – 138

Not too bad, not too bad… ? However I did wake up in the middle of the night last night VERY low …. perhaps it’s because I had a Vodka Soda @ volleyball? Not sure – what I am sure of is that I ate half a banana and about 8 huge spoonfuls of peanut butter – usually I am able to control my middle-of-night low eats but that peanut butter got the better of me. I woke up this morning at 210 ugghhhhh…. I HATE middle-of-night lows!! Do you?

Have an awesomely fantastic day!

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