Blood on my sheets


This morning I got SO ANNOYED – why? Because of this:

My Brand new sheets on my brand new bed had to get a blood stain. I hate blood on my sheets and it always happens! This is a T1D problem that really annoys me! Stupid needles. ? For a while I would get dark sheets and comforters (eggplant purple was my personal favorite) but I just love a beautiful off-white comforter. So I said screw it and went for it. I got this gold/beige color sheets thinking ok these aren’t too light, if blood gets on it you may not notice. Well I noticed lol. I immediately put Oxy stain stick on it and threw it in the wash. I will see later if its gone.

After my sheet debacle I did this workout:

For breakfast I made this recipe from Pintrest with some slight variations (less butter, extra bacon, no parsley) and served it with half a tortilla. Not too bad, not too bad ?

I am loving my lunch this week – I saw that organic carrot, coconut & ginger soup and HAD to buy it. Then I got a random egg salad craving and thought it would be perfect to have with the soup. I served it on a Mikey’s muffin and had some snap peas on the side. I love having something sweet with my lunch and Ghirardelli squares always hit the spot.

Even though I’m not a big “pop” music fan I am really liking this song:

I am super excited to try my new tea’s from DAVIDsTEA. I got my all time favorite flavor: Quangzhou Milk Oolong and tried a new flavor: Spiced Pumpkin

How is your week going? Do you hate blood stains as much as I do?

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Mint Matcha Protein Power Shake

Last week in my WIAW post I promised a recipe for my Mint Matcha Protein Power Shake – I added the word “Power” to it because my shakes are no joke. I use a lot of ingredients so it takes an extra minute or two to prep BUT you are getting a big dose of nutrient dense awesomeness! Who doesn’t want that? I hope you enjoy ?

Vanilla Protein Powder (I used Shakeology, If you use low crab protein powder can add half a banana for some carbs) (130cals, 14carbs)
Almond Milk // 1 Cup // (50cals, 1carb)
Heavy Cream //1 TBSP // (50cals,0carbs)
Matcha Powder // 2tsp // (20cals, 4carbs)
Cacao Nibs // 6g // (40cals, 2carbs)
Walnuts // 8g // (50cals, 1carb)
Hemp Seed //1TBSP // (50cals, 1carb)
Handful of Mint, Handful of Spinach (10cals, 1carb)
Bee pollen // 1/2tsp // (10cal, 1carb)
Meal Total: 410cals, 25carbs

I love fresh mint, its amazing how much flavor it adds.

Having Monday off and letting loose over Labor day weekend made me feel a little weird when I woke up so I was eager to get right back on track. This was the prefect breakfast to do that and I felt great immediately after I drank it ?

Now I am ready to face the week! Have an awesomely fantastic Tuesday!

My Diabetes Story

My Diabetes Story

I found out I was diabetic 29 years ago. I was 6 years old.

My first memory relating to diabetes was being THIRSTY. It was torture. I would try so hard to sit through class but it was like a thirsty monster took over my body. I walked into my Aunt’s house after school and I can picture exactly what the kitchen looked like. I also remember what I drank – seltzer with orange juice. I was trying something different that day since I drank so much of everything else. Little did I know the next time I would drink orange juice it would be for a diabetic low blood sugar. I was staying at my Aunts because my little brother was just born so she took care of me and my older brother for a couple weeks to help my mom. My Aunt told my Mom something seemed wrong – between my thirst and my weight loss my mother brought me to the doctor.

The next image I have is in my mother’s Thunderbird driving to the hospital – I remember what I said. I asked her if I was ok and she told me I was ok but I may have diabetes. Of course I asked her what it was. I only remember the part when she said I may have to take medication or I may have to take needles. I clearly remember not having a worry in my head because I was so sure I was going to take the pills, certainly not needles. The thought of needles seemed so horrible it couldn’t possibly be true.

I was a healthy kid whose nickname was giggles. I was a bit shy, loved riding my bike and my little pony. I also loved sweets and I HATED needles. In fact it would take 2 nurses to hold me down when I would get one. So, as you can tell I wasn’t a good T1D candidate to say the least. I got to the hospital and I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and yes I had to use needles.

Needles were a bumpy start for me. I remember I always used to cry and yell at my mother because I thought she would keep the needle in too long. I didn’t know it was just the sting from the needle coming out – she bought me this spring loaded contraption that would inject the insulin super-fast. I also used something called the Medi-Jector. However, I was a tough kid, not only did I start giving myself my own injections a year later – I was also one of only a few children that were able to go to one of the top diabetic doctors on Long Island. I remember going to meetings, being around other kids with diabetes – the JDRF was my second home. As for the sweets, I was much better than you think a sweet toothed kid would be. I gave them up like I was told and only had them when I had a low blood sugar. In fact I can remember the way it felt when I would eat a cookie – it would take me ½ hour to eat one. Everyone thought it was cute. I was allowed to have one donut every night. I used to wait with my mouth watering at times until I was able to eat it. Those feelings were actually the start of disordered eating but I didn’t know it yet. I didn’t know what a binge was and I didn’t give into my temptations. I honestly didn’t want to at that time. That didn’t come until I was a teen which I will talk about later.


Want to hear something really dramatic? My first low blood sugar – I don’t remember going low I just remember waking up on my bed screaming like I was possessed. My older brother had to run down the block to the neighbor to get juice in the middle of the night. Then they had to shove it down my throat as I kicked and screamed. Speaking of kicking and screaming my poor mother – I would do ANYTHING to not have sugar when I was low including punching her in the face and I am not joking. Every time I think of this the scene from Steel Magnolias pops in my head. It’s amazing how low blood sugars turn you into a crazy person. Then there were the glucagon injections – they used to give me MASSIVE migraines – so bad I can almost feel the pain when I think about it. Whenever I needed to get one I would spend the next day screaming in agony – when I say screaming, I mean screaming – like I was possessed (see a trend forming?) Not only did glucagon cause massive migraines, it also caused me to throw up. So once I got passed constantly ending up in the hospital when I went low (those lights and sirens became an all too normal occurrence) it was uncontrollable vomiting and migraines. Besides all that fun stuff was not being able to walk when I went to low – I used to trip and fall over and over. It was annoying and embarrassing.

Thank god as I got older my body adapted to it. No more falling, now more passing out, migraines, projectile vomiting or punching my mother in the face. Today I just get the usual shakes, sweatiness, blurred vision, nastiness, brain fog and headaches that most of us get.

High blood sugars weren’t as dramatic for me. They made me very nauseous and thirsty. They were mostly just annoying – I remember in camp we had to drink a gallon of water to flush out ketones when we went high. They used to make it into a contest.

I didn’t have any diabetic friends that I hung out with on a regular basis but I did have friends through JDRF, I remember I had “pen pals” and some friends that lived far away that I met through diabetic camp. I got to go one year because Apple and Eve juice sponsored me. I wish I could have gone more but my parents didn’t have the money. That was one of my favorite T1D experiences. I went against my will (like I said I was shy) my parents promised to pick me up after a week – well after that they had to pretty much drag me home! So it wasn’t all bad – I had some good times thanks to T1D! I remember other parents not letting me over the house because they were scarred I would go low. That stuck with me and made me feel very different from other kids – especially when I fainted and chocked at the same time in 4th grade from a low blood sugar. I remember I was so embarrassed. I also would make friends in the hospital. Besides the good and the bad I would say most parent’s had no clue what T1D was and I just kind of did my thing. The same with my family – I don’t think most people really knew what T1D was – they just knew I couldn’t have sugar. This doesn’t bother me at all – when someone tells me they have something till this day I can sympathize but I can’t empathize because I cannot feel what they or feeling.

I want to add something in here. It is the first time I was thankful I did not have something “worse”. When I was little I was in the hospital a lot. I kind of got used to it and would make friends with other kids on the floor. We would do things like sneak around the halls at night to make it fun. One time there was a nice boy who unfortunately couldn’t stop throwing up. Blood. He threw up so much there were no more sheets for the beds. The nurse who became my friend because I would see her all the time – Alice told me he had MS. I remember thinking he was going to die and I was thankful to have T1D. That story never left my heart and even though I wish I didn’t have this –I am happy to be alive.

I switched schools in 5th grade which was probably the worst thing for me because I was very outside my comfort zone. Everyone in my old school knew I had T1D – nobody in the new school knew and I certainly did not want to tell them. I was very impressionable and I was not a leader. I wish I could say I owned my diabetes and was proud of who I was but it was quite the opposite. I hated being different – I wanted to fit in. I used to cringe every single time I had to go to the nurse’s office to test myself. It felt like I was doing the walk of shame every day. This is also when my body issues crept in. I was 5’7 in 8th grade but I couldn’t understand why I wore a size 5 and my friends wore a 0 or a size 1. I was also nerdy, awkward and self-conscious – so I started dieting. This is also the time I started mini-binging – when I would get a low blood sugar I couldn’t control things anymore – I didn’t have that almighty self-control I had when I was little. There was always sugar in the house so I would start eating and couldn’t stop. Between this and dieting I became a full-fledged binger. You can read more about this in my dieting story but for now I will keep it focused on diabetes.

I went on like this throughout my teenage years. Many people didn’t even know I was diabetic. I became less nerdy and people noticed – my new “cool” self started smoking, drinking and other bad things teenaged do. I worked in clubs at night and slept all day – this was all before I was 21. When I was 21 I had my first and only occurrence of ketoacidosis. There’s not much else to say until I was 23 because all I did was binge, treat my body horribly until this time. I even went months without testing my blood sugar (another cringe).

When I was 23 I started to change a bit. This is when I started to develop a passion for organic eating – I started shopping at Trader Joe’s and started attending classes for newly diagnosed T1D’s. I started actually going to the doctor too and I learned about carb counting. At the time I was eating high carb… still had a major eating disorder and it seemed like I never got carb counting right. I guess I just still wasn’t ready at that time. For the next few years I would still try many diets, try to control my blood sugar’s but unfortunately I still had too many demons even though I was trying much harder than before. I changed a lot in my later 20’s. I become more confident and wasn’t as shy as I was when I was younger. As the years progressed my passion for being healthy, traveling and eating well took center stage. I became successful in my career and when I was 31 I met the love of my life. So, this all helped me be more proud of who I was and made a switch go off that made me want to stop abusing myself.

It’s hard to write this without focusing on food – hello Diabetes is all about food. This is where my dieting story and my diabetes story really start to come together in harmony. I had to get passed my disordered eating. I was ready. I read books, when to psychologist’s and started reading A LOT of blogs. I started to realize you can be fit and eat. So first came intuitive eating then eventually I went back to doing what I do best – I started calorie counting and eventually carb counting which led me to low carb living. That my friends is where everything got a little bit better. I now test regularly; I count cals, carbs and have pretty decent A1C’s. I love myself and accept who I am. I have grown from that shy girl to an independent strong woman. I am still learning and I still screw up because life is a journey and diabetes makes everything more challenging. However, when you do something well with diabetes I believe the internal payoff is sweeter (pun intended).

Writing this was hard because I had to re-live the things that make me feel horrible and depressed but I hope to help people with this. This is why I am writing this blog – to show everyone that you can live a healthy life which I do now but also to show that no-one is perfect and everyone has stuff they have been through. So if you are feeling down, different or lonely remember you definitely are not alone. If one day through reading my blog steers someone away from disordered eating, abusing your body or making any of the mistakes I did then I would be fulfilled.

I hope you enjoyed my story – of course this is only part of it because I know the next 30 years will be much more positive and fulfilling. Actually they already are.


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Torani vs. DaVinci Taste Test!

Hey Yall

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty good thanks to a lot of nothingness lol. The past few weekends have been the most uneventful weekends I have had in a long time. I am simply taking in every uneventful moment because the past year of my life was a whirlwind. Between the wedding, vacations, honeymoons, other weddings, a new boat to name a few things… it felt like we never had a moment to ourselves. What happened to the days where we used to binge watch TV all day? lol Honestly, I don’t even want to do that anymore – it makes me feel so lazy. I like a nice in between ?

So Friday after work I had to stop at a few stores and I made this dinner again because I still had 2 scallion pancakes, sauce and even leftover cilantro:

Saturday we had to sit around in the house because our bed frame was delivered. It was coming between 1-4pm and wound up getting there about 4pm on the dot. I did make a grain free lemon cake which did not come out good. I had high hopes & wanted to make it all summer so I’m happy I finally got to it but it was disappointing. Very Dry.  I had to leave the house after I started to make it to get more almond flour. I only had about a cup left and I needed 1.5 cups! I was slightly annoyed lol #fail

But our bed looks amazing!! I just need to do something about the exposed mattress. I have a king sized comforter so I don’t know why its so short �?

Saturday night Brian decided to make me dinner and he didn’t skimp! Filet Mignon, bacon + spinach stuffed mushrooms, lobster tail and broccoli rabe. Life was good ?

Sunday we took the boat out. It was pretty cold and windy so we zipped around, took in the ocean and sea air then went out to lunch. We took this boat selfie.

Torani vs. DaVinci Taste Test!

I bought a few DaVinci syrups last year and among them was cookie dough. This year I wanted to buy a pumpkin pie flavored syrup and I didn’t know what brand to go with. So since I was low on cookie dough from DaVinci I bought it from Torani and tried them both to see which made my taste buds happier

It took me a while to decide. I made 2 cups of coffee and added 1.5 TBSP of syrup to each. I kept going back and forth and in the end for me, it was Torani. I am very picky with this stuff. You would think that eating sugar free stuff my whole life would make me used to it. I will take the real sugar version any day if I could. I don’t love fake tastes. DaVinci tastes a little bit more fake – just slightly.

So, do you have a favorite brand and or flavor? What do you make with it? I like to use syrups mostly in smoothies.


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Fig Cake Batter Protein Shake

Happy Friday!!

I am SOOOOO happy it is Friday! I fully intend to enjoy every moment of this weekend because it turns out next week is going to be another busy one.

This morning started with a 150 blood sugar- better than yesterday but so not where I want to be. Then I did this workout again. I love it – its short, works everything and you get sweaty!

Next I made the best protein shake ever lol. Seriously this is one of my fav’s – and I make a lot of protein shakes. It was sweet, creamy, cake batter awesomeness.

What made it so special? I used Figs to sweeten it instead of the same old banana. I was lucky enough to have some figs left over from a frozen bag I bought from Trader Joe’s a while back. Unfortunately they discontinued them though. However, since it is the season for figs just buy them, wait till they are soft and rip then freeze them. They make your shake so sweet and delicious. It will taste like cake batter. I asked Brian to taste to make sure it wasn’t just me and he agreed – it tastes like cake batter – so yummy! Here is the recipe I used:

Fig Cake Batter Protein Shake

1 Cup Almond or Coconut Milk
1 Scoop Protein Powder (I use Tera’s)
1 TBSP Heavy Cream
2 TBSP Cookie dough Torani syrup (or sweetener of choice, I had this on hand and it gives it more of a desert, cake taste)
1 TBSP Walnuts
1/2 TBSP Chia Seeds
2 Large Figs

My total was: 360cals/29carbs

I also had a huge spoonful of Peanut Butter with it ?

Try Figs in your shake today! and enjoy!

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WIAW – What I ate Wednesday 09.23

WIAW – What I ate Wednesday 09.23

Why hello! Happy Friday Eve! Like I said yesterday these past couple of weeks have been crazy! Last night Brian and I had appointments for our yearly physical. I always feel like it’s a waste for me get a one since my endo checks everything. On the other hand I need a doctor close by to run to in case I come down with the flu or strep throat or some kind of flesh eating zombie virus. So I “show face” at the general doctor once a year. Plus I am with Brian so its not too horrible lol.

Today I woke up with a 164 blood sugar. If you follow me on Instagram I mentioned that I am trying to get my morning numbers on point by eating more consistent at night (no extra picking, eating same amount of carbs/cals). Well last night I didn’t get home from the doctor until 8pm and I was STARVING!! I scarfed down my salad from Panera and then ate my Hail Merry Miract Tart so needless to say I haven’t been very consistent (frown). Anyway, after I woke up I gave myself some insulin and did the “upper fix” workout from the Beachbody 21 Day Fix. Then my blood sugar was 75 and I was feeling good!

Here are some eats:

I never get sick of a breakfast like this. Its so basic but so good ?
Everything bagel flat /// Plenty of Temp Tee cream cheese /// Grapes /// 2 Eggs over easy with melted Swiss cheese.

My first snack was: Organic Apple Slices /// Cheddar cheese /// Sunflower seeds

My “Lunch of the week” is: Turkey /// Spinach /// Broccoli Slaw /// Brussels spouts /// Mozzarella /// Pignoli nuts /// Avocado /// Evoo /// Strawberries (not pictured) // Chocolate square (not pictured)

My second snack was this favorite combo of mine (recycled picture): Yogurt /// Pumpkin seeds /// Unsweetened coconut /// Walnuts

Dinner: Panera Ancient Grain, Arugula & Chicken Salad (I scarfed this and my snack down so fast. As soon as I was done I realized I forgot to take a pic). I guess you have to look at the professional shots ?

Night time snack: Half a Hail Merry Miracle Tart (I LOVE AND AM OBSESSED WITH THESE!!!)

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Bai5 and KeVita (My 2 Favorite Drinks)


Happy Hump Day everybody! One day closer to the weekend yay! The past 2 weeks have been super busy for me. I have had four doctors appointments, plans with family/friends, a tutoring appointment and a nail appointment. My nail appointment was last night – like the color? I love it! It’s this awesome cherry red color. Not very fall-ish but hey I am still holding onto summer for as long as possible!

Except for my falltastic Zucchini Bread Protein Shake recipe. If you follow me on Instagram the ingredients are on there. I may however do a detailed recipe on here next week so look out ?

OK I have to be honest this post was supposed to go out yesterday and my WIAW post was supposed to go out today but last night I had a quest bar and sliced turkey with cheddar for dinner. Then I ate Wasa crackers as my snack so I am going to do my WIAW post tomorrow when the food lineup is a bit more interesting!

OK so now onto the subject of the post ? my 2 FAVORITE drinks! They both have very little carbs. I have been drinking them for years now. Bai5 and KeVita! Recently Bai has become much more popular but I used to only be able to get them at the health food store. Now they are everywhere including 7-11 and Stop & Shop – yay! KeVita is only available in the health food stores, Wild by Nature and Wholefoods. However, it is certainly worth the trip!

Bai5 is probably the best all around drink. When I was little I used to dream of flavors like this. But the only “fun” drinks were loaded with sugar. As I got older Snapple started making some fun flavors but nothing like this! Plus Bai is naturally sweetened and antioxidant infused – healthy healthy! BTW they also makes Bai Bubbles and Bai Antiwater – I don’t love Bai Bubbles and I haven’t had the water. My Favorite Bai5 flavors are: Molokai Coconut, Congo Pear, Sumatra Dragonfruit, Ipanema Pomegranate, Malawi Mango and Brasilia Blueberry.

Next is KeVita. They actually just changed their packaging so if you see it and it looks different – thats why. I love KeVita because it is light, refreshing and lightly carbonated. The flavor is not overpowering at all and does not taste fake.KeVita is a probiotic drink. It is certified organic and naturally sweetened. Can you ask for more out of a drink??? My favorite flavors are: Coconut, Strawberry Acai Coconut, Mojita, Pinapple Coconut and Mango Coconut. See a trend? I am a coconut freak!

Have you tried these? Do you love them as much as I do?
Have an awesomely fantastic Hump Day!!

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Great Adventure and Great Recipes


Hope you had a great weekend! I certainly did! On Saturday we went to Great Adventure – I love roller coasters! I made a joke on Instagram that I didn’t want my blood sugars to go on one with me .. lol lol.

To be truthful, they ran high all day. I have NO CLUE why. I did have 3 beers but they were spread out and I was walking a lot. Anyway when we got back home at 11:30pm I was still at 235. Something told me not to give myself more humulog. I knew I took a decent amount of it and knew it shouldn’t be that high. A few hours later it crashed big time. I woke up at 30. I was SO MAD. First I HATE eating in the middle of the night – it is such a waste of calories and I always eat more than I should. Do your blood sugars ever run high then just crash? This may be an injection thing. I feel like this doesn’t happen on the pump – not sure.

My Instagram pic ? It was so cold Saturday!

How funny is that home made logo – we had a good laugh! I would say thats more of a mouse than a horse!

Bad pic but it was the lesser of the 2 evils lol

Anyway, moving along… I made these recipes from Pintrest on Sunday. They were falltastic fabulousness (do you like my made up words?). The low carb pumpkin custards where so easy to make and have a filling texture. I never make pudding or chia pudding because it’s too thin for me. I like hearty food! This custard was just that and took about 5 minutes to prep. The brussels sprout hash was actually supposed to be breakfast but Brian had to work ? so I made it for dinner. Oh and I almost forgot – my numbers were angelic on Sunday. Its like my body made up for Saturday, lower 100’s all day and I woke up at 111 this morning – yay!

Low Carb Pumpkin Custards (click image for recipe):

I made mine with almond milk and I used 4 ramekins not 6).

Brussels Sprout Hash (click image for recipe):

Brian’s (sans egg)

I will definitely make both of these again.

So, I just went to my favorite store – Trader Joe’s and the guy that rung me up said there is a another women that goes there regularly that is a spitting image of me! He said we look so much alike, that when I walk in he  thinks she came back because she forgot something since she goes in the morning and I go in the afternoon. It is said that everybody has a twin. I want to meet this girl so bad – is it weird if I hang out at Trader Joe’s all day? Its not like I would get bored I love it there!

Have an awesome week!

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Easy Thai Food Dinner

Hey, hey! Glad its Friday??? I am!

Today started out OK – to be honest my blood sugar was high this morning. I went to bed at 9:30 and woke up at 10:30 shaking. I cannot think of why which is so annoying. I ate a banana and of course I had to add peanut butter because middle of the night lows = no inhibitions. So I woke up mad that I ate too much, full and high.

I got my sorry butt out of bed and did this workout. I don’t have much time in the mornings these days so I love these fast 20 minute workouts.

Next up was breakfast:

Today I had my low carb Mediterranean omelet. The only thing missing was spinach – I was totally out. My favorite part was the bagel flat with BUTTER. Usually I go with cream cheese but I had a major craving for it.

I am so excited to tell you about last nights easy Thai food dinner. It’s so awesome – I am definitely going to make it again next week.

I cooked the chicken in coconut oil. Then I tossed it with cooked green beans, curry sauce and cilantro. On the side was the scallion pancake (I can’t begin to tell you how much I love the scallion pancake). I also used the curry as a dipping sauce for the pancake. So good, so easy and so fast. This was a winner – thank you Trader Joe’s!

Meal totals:
Chicken (120) /// Beans (25cals, 6carbs) /// Curry Sauce (80cals, 7carbs) /// Scallion Pancake (160cals, 21carbs)
400cals/34carbs (I added in some extra cals to account for the coconut oil I cooked with)

Cant wait to start the weekend!! Any plans? Its still around 80 degrees here in NY so I will be on the boat!

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September A1C

Hey everyone!

Yesterday started out with this workout. It was a great, short arm workout and I certainly recommend it. I repeated this circuit 3 times. (btw the Peanut Butter Fingers blog is great, one of my favorites to read)

Later in the day I had my doctors appointment and I was nervous to get my A1C results. The past few months for me have been challenging food and blood sugar wise to say the least. I thought my A1C was going to be a lot higher than it has been in the past few years. I have gotten back on track over the last month but I still had those other 2 months before that where I felt like a ping pong ball.

Now trust me I know that even though this number is good it doesn’t mean my sugars were good because when you have a bunch of highs and lows it will average somewhere in between. I even told my doctor that was probably the case (I’m so honest! lol). Also, the most recent readings have more weight in your A1C and since those were good it made the A1C number better. With all that being said – I will still take this number ?

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